Real Estate Agencies we promote

Real Estate Agencies we promote

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Promote your Real Estate Agency to the world!
Get your network of Agents, under the same brand / company, to be found through our powerful search engine!

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What are the main 6 advantages of signing up for an (Agency) Agent "User Plan"

1) Agencies have a proper page, with all Agent's network detailed listing, and may be elected to appear at the homepage of the House Miles website.

2) Agents of an Agency will have their personal card printed embossed, standing out from the other Agents.

3) The powerful House Miles search engine can look, into the database, for all Real Estate (of any Real Estate Agent) that fit into the filtering options the user has chosen. But if the Agent belongs to a Real Estate Agency, the Properties from ALL the Agents of EACH Agency will be looked for, to be filtered.

4) Agencies have a proper "gadget" app that can be listed in any of the House Miles website pages (at the right, on top, at the bottom, etc.) and they are always referred (by a link or image and name) close to any printed card of their Agents.

5) On the other hand, Agents that DO NOT belong to any Agency will ONLY have their Company (image and name) printed on the page of the Real Estate the Agent is promoting - not in any other place of the entire House Miles website.

6) Last but not least, you get bigger discounts purchasing an Agent "User Plan" belonging to an Agency, along with a better flexibility for long term periods and bigger announce quantities.

Did you know that to advertise your Real Estate on House Miles, you need to subscribe a User Plan - even if you go for the FREE one

All User Plans are purchased at House Miles Shop.

Each User Plan license is validated for a quantity of (Real Estate) announcements, during a certain period of time (usually weekly, but can be extended).
Once registered at House Miles Shop you can use the same login account to manage, and activate/deactivate, each one of your Real Estate ads, operate the CRM, etc.

Sign in, sign up or send us an email to You're this close to start receiving zillions of inquires on your mail box!



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