Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

House Miles is a property search help website where common users can share their ads, whether through private individuals or Real Estate Agencies. We recommend that you do not make any bank transfers or any kind of payment, as well as the assumption of any commitment, either written or oral, without personal contact with the advertiser, owner or Real Estate Agency and without visiting the Property to verify its legality and conditions.


House Miles is not the owner and does not have access, or any control, to any of the Properties presented in the advertisements of its pages.
Likewise, it does not, and does not intend to, have any action, interference, mediation, gain, profit or even suggestion in any transaction that may be carried out between any interested parties. Nor do we know, or recognize, any of these parties in a systematic and binding way.
Our activity is limited to the automatic advertisement of Real Estate by, and from the moment, any user, after having acquired a "User Plan", makes the ad(s) available online:
* according to the characteristics / modalities enabled by the License of that same "User Plan" recently acquired,
* strictly by the means we provide (in particular a back office or an API - Application Programmable Interface - web address) in a personalized way, autonomously or through the request of our administrative services,
* and using any device (PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) with internet connection and compilation / rendering capability (usually called a "browser") of all HTML code, and others, that the House Miles website is built on.


House Miles can not guarantee and therefore is not responsible and can never be held liable for:
* any level of quality, safety or even legality of the advertisements and the corresponding Properties,
* as well as the veracity or accuracy of the information presented,
* or the ability of the owners, private individuals and/or Real Estate Agencies presented as such, to take part into transactions relating to any of the Properties announced at House Miles website.
As suggested above, we always advise that should exist a previous personal live contact between the advertiser (or someone, in representation, held for this practise), and the interested party in the Property (the eventual user of the House Miles website), before either party commits itself, and among themselves, in any form or way.


House Miles also does not give any warranties that the professionals listed, or indicated by their name, telephone contacts or any link to pages outside of House Miles (such as electronic mail programs / websites, blogs and personal pages, social networks, etc.) have the necessary competencies or legal / juristic requirements for the promise and / or fulfillment of any commitment whatsoever, and can not also guarantee the truthfulness or accuracy of the information made available by them, on and off the House Miles website.
Any judgement, and consequent actions and responsibilities, must be made, and are entirely held, by each House Miles user, at each particular situation.

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