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Contact the House Miles team


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Lg Dr Rebelo Gonçalves, 16B 2640-524 Mafra Portugal (+351) 261.854.323

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Please note that House Miles is not a Real Estate Agency, it does not own and does not have access, or any control, on the Properties presented in the advertisements of its pages.

Likewise, it does not, and does not intend to, have any action, interference, mediation, gain, profit or even suggestion in any transaction that may be carried out between any interested parties.
Nor does it know, or recognize, any of these parts in a systematic and binding way.

Therefore, specific questions about any of the advertised Real Estate should be put to the advertisers of the Real Estate.
To contact them, you must use the contacts and forms on the pages of either the advertisements of each Property or the ones from each Agent.


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