About us - our history, present and future

About us - our history, present and future


It all started away before this new millennium, with Miles-NET framework, designed from the beginning to be 100% web native.

Curious....? Want to know more about Miles-NET story

Back in the year 2005, Miles-NET was an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), strongly implemented on the Enterprise market, that was supposed to do all common back office tasks inside a Company: paperwork, Accounting, Human Resources, Stock Management, Quality Standadrds, etc., etc. A nice front end, for the Company image in the World Wide Web, was also a feature of the old Miles-NET...

With the advent of "Internet", things got faster, stylish and accessible to almost every one. Itwas time to jump into the new Global World Wide Web..
A lot of new frameworks, plug-ins and apps have pop in into the market and Miles-NET had, in 2015/6, its own rebranding new refreshment: a new and powerful CMS (both front and back offices are, now, to be used by the public) to serve the needs of 3 business areas - Real Estate listing, food Menus, on Restaurant's and Take-Away's, and online Shop's

Know what is Miles-NET CMS platform and what it does better.... in 30 secs!



Concerning the Real Estate business, House Miles is, so, the 1st affiliate website of the Miles-NET HOUSE CMS platform.
You can actually buy the complete source code of the platform and start your own Miles-NET HOUSE affiliate website - customized by you or, at your demand, by the very same Engineers who did, and maintain, the Miles-NET platform!

How to do a COMPLETE test drive @ Miles-NET Real Estate platform

1) Miles-NET Real Estate DEMO platform live (front and back office) www.Miles-NET.com/demo/house www.Miles-NET.com/demo/house/index.php/admin

2) Miles-NET Real Estate platform 1st affiliate website www.HouseMiles.com

3) Shop House Miles User Plan Licenses online @ House Miles Shop www.HouseMiles.com/shop

4) Video tutorials online @ Miles-NET YouTube account www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdnDSxMxezAJgRle5fSKjcSZHP1X4cUaz

5) You can know everything about Miles-NET Real Estate platform @ www.Miles-NET.com/house


More info @ www.Miles-NET.com


Other Miles-NET platform business areas @ www.Miles-NET.com/rest www.Miles-NET.com/shop


SOCIAL NETWORKS to follow Miles-NET activity
www.facebook.com/MilesDashNET www.facebook.com/MilesNetUser plus.google.com/+MilesnetPlatform twitter.com/intent/follow?source=followbutton&variant=1.0&screen_name=geral_net www.youtube.com/c/MilesnetPlatform?sub_confirmation=1


SOCIAL NETWORKS to follow House Miles's 1st affiliate website activity

Either being, or belonging to, a Real Estate Agency, working by yourself (with 1 or a 100 properties) or even being a private owner / landlord with a property to sell, to rent or to hire for short term periods (like weekends or season holidays), House Miles platform is the way to go - with worldwide exposition, state-of-the-art flexible and modern technology, in no time it will be driving zillions of enquires to your mail box!


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