T2 Amadora

Apartment @ Amadora (Lisboa) 48m2 150,000.00

Nice apartment to sale, very near center of Lisbon with transportation facilities. Price has been reduced.

Amadora (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐmɐˈðoɾɐ]) is a municipality and urbanized city in the northwest of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The population in 2011 was 175,136,[1] in an area of 23.78 km².[2] It is the most densely populated municipality in Portugal.


Originally named Porcalhota, for being a Majorat of the daughter of a man surnamed Porcalho who was called for being a female Porcalhota.

The Aqueduto das Águas Livres, which brings water from the Sintra hills to Lisbon, and stretches 30 kilometres (19 mi), was finished in the 1770s and includes the largest masonry arch ever built, located in Campolide — the local coat of arms also displays the aqueduct (like others along its way).

At the request of its population, in 1907, a decree issued during King Carlos I reign, merged the communities of Porcalhota, Amadora and Venteira into one town named Amadora.

At the present time Amadora does not have any airfield. However, in the 1920s a small airfield (the first in Portugal) was located here. The first flight from Portugal to Brazil left from Amadora. The Captain of the airplane was Adm. Gago Coutinho, a well known Portuguese celebrity.

The municipality was formed on 11 September 1979, when it ceased being a parish of the municipality of Oeiras. Few days later, on 17 September, Amadora was granted city status.

The former Sorefame railway rolling stock factory was located in Amadora, but was closed in 2004. Most of the carriages for Portuguese Railways built during the second half of the 20th century were constructed here.


Apartment blocks in the parish of Alfragide
A typical street in the urbanized city of Amadora

One of the largest urban communities in Portugal, Amadora forms a conurbation with Lisbon, sharing the same subway, bus and train networks. It is dominated by large apartment blocks, commercial parks, industrial areas and some headquarters of international companies.

Administratively, the municipality is divided into 6 civil parishes (freguesias):[3]

  • Águas Livres
  • Alfragide
  • Encosta do Sol
  • Falagueira-Venda Nova
  • Mina de Água
  • Venteira


Despite being essentially a residential city, Amadora has commercial zones, industries and headquarters of international companies operating in Portugal.

As commercial zones, it has IKEA, Decathlon, Alegro, Continente and Dolce Vita Tejo (one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe). Siemens and Roche are examples of international companies based in Amadora.


Amadora's public transport network is extremely far-reaching and reliable, being fully integrated with the transportation network of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. It has 2 metrostations, the commuter Sintra train line with 3 stations, 2 bus services (Vimeca and Carris) and 4 motorways around the city (2ª Circular, CRIL, CREL and IC-16).


Every year, Amadora city organizes the Amadora International Comics Festival


  • Heating
  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher

  • Lift
  • Balcony
  • Parking
  • Automatic gate
  • Storage room

    Not subject Energy Performance European
    Not subject Gas European

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Address Av. Cmte. Luís António da Silva, nº 30

Purpose:   Sale  

Type:   Apartment  

County: Lisboa

City: Amadora

Zip code: 2700-582

Area:   Less 50m2  

Size precise: 48 m2

Energy Coeff:   A  

Bathrooms: 1

Bedrooms: 2

Rooms: 4

Price: 150,000.00

Ownership:   Owner  

Floor: 3

Energy Effic: 20 kWh EP / m2, year

Gas emissions: 20 kg CO2 / m², year


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