• Miles-NET Real Estate  Platform


Be proud! Now you can DO IT - by you, to you and exclusive to YOUR customers! 

Get FULL CONTROL of your Real Estate business over the web. All the Miles-NET platform files stay under YOUR controled server and are FREE to delete, change or be added in any way, function, part, size or availability. 
Concentrate on YOUR Real Estate Business! Let Miles-NET full-extent platform help you to achieve your goals at any time, in any form, way or extension.

Users of this plan have full access to the Miles-NET back and front office, including the CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and the COSTUMER REALTIONSHIP MANAGEMENT areas. They will so be able to manage not only every REAL ESTATE single operation (adding, changing, deleting and activating any number of properties), as to easily adapt, change or inovate through creation, or modification, of any webpages of the complete WEBSITE
All this without spending a single extra cent or waiting for a developing team to come to a never ending project!


This MILES-RE.TOTAL plan is the ideal one for Real Estate Enterprises of medium/large business volumes. You can then assign Agents, Users and CRM structure the way your business needs, as often as you want, any way you want. If you have an IT DEPARTMENT you are also able to redesign, from top to bottom, in front and in back ends, the complete system to perfectly meet your company strategy and goals - no restrictions at all.


It's simple and straight forward: MILES-RE.TOTAL plan consists on a single numbered license, allowing you to USE and/or MODIFY the Miles-NET software any way you want.

So you only pay ONCE in a life time, and the software license is granted for your company (or personal) WEB DOMAIN forever.
As so, keep in mind that each LICENSE is only allowed for ONE specific web DOMAIN! The unique link "license number - web domain" is established at the end, on submission, of the FIRST (live) INSTALATION process.

So, if you change your website domain name, remember you must purchase ANOTHER valid License Number. On other hand, you can reinstall Miles-NET Real Estate platform as many times as you want, regarding you fill in the same License Number @ the same (live) website server.

You do can install the platform on your local machine ('localhost' server) as many times as you want - no specific License Number validation is required.


The Miles-NET platform is a software built on an MVC architecture over PHP CODEIGNITER framework - the lightest and fastest on the market - with 2 databases of near 100 tables each, and between 3 and 6.000 files organized through over 600 directories. 

Remember you have to provide a UNIX web server and the complete environment functionality (databases, mail server, FTP account, cpanel/plesk management tool, a domain and DNSs, etc, etc.) in order for the Miles-NET platform to work full-featured, to the maximum extent it was designed for. 

We will be pleased, if you need, to help you on the PREPARATION process, and/or later on with the full INSTALATION - even with the server hosting and maintenance, if you're getting stuck to look for. 
It's also possible to get a quotation for any personalized DEVELOPMENT you may require over the entire platform - for one hour, a month... or unlimited time. Under an agreed estimative, you'll be served by the engineers of the very own IT TEAM who conceived, and still develops, the entire Miles-NET platform.

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Miles-NET Real Estate Platform

  • Product Code: Miles-RE.Total
  • Availability: Source code & License
  • 461.25€

  • Ex Tax: 375.00€
  • Price in reward points: 100

Available Options


Real Estate PRIVATE user PLAN

Real Estate PRIVATE user PLAN

MILES-RE.PRIVATE PLAN Completely FREE is the best option if you have a Real Estate to sell ..

0.00€ Ex Tax: 0.00€

Real Estate PLUS user PLAN

Real Estate PLUS user PLAN

MILES-RE.PLUS PLAN For €1.00/week you can ACTIVATE till 3 properties. Its the best opt..

1.23€ Ex Tax: 1.00€

Real Estate AGENT user PLAN

Real Estate AGENT user PLAN

MILES-RE.AGENT PLAN Especially conceived to be signed up by REAL ESTATE professional AGENTS..

0.62€ Ex Tax: 0.50€